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    Cool Guinness fear ruins St Patricks' Day for barmaid

    Barmaid feels sick in the presence of Guinness...
    What's she going to do tomorrow?!

    Everyone has a fear of something: Heights, tight spaces, flying... the list of things people are scared of is endless. And, as it turns out, pretty odd.
    28-year-old barmaid Hayley Blakeney is so afraid of Guinness that just the sight of it sends her into a spell of sickness and brings on the sweats. So God knows how she's going to handle St Patrick's Day behind the bar!
    'I'm dreading it to be honest, whenever I get asked for a pint of Guinness normally I can get someone else to serve them,' she said. Hmmm, something tells us that Hayley might have to face her ultimate fear come tomorrow though, when the nation comes together to drink to the Irish, in front of the rugby.
    When asked to explain her fear of the Irish stout, Hayley said: 'Everything about it makes me skin crawl. I don't like how thick it looks when it's poured and I can't stand the sight or smell of it.

    'Even talking about it makes me squirm. I've never been diagnosed with a medical condition but it is definitely a phobia.'
    Wow. We wish Hayley the best of British for St Patrick's Day!

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